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Request Form for Sana Latrease

Thank you for considering Sana Latrease for your upcoming event! Please take a moment to complete the form below to provide more details on your event. Completion of this form is for planning purposes only and does not constitute Sana Latrease's acceptance of your invitation.

Contact Information
Event Information
Organization Type
Organization Will this be a ticketed event?
In what capacity are you requesting Sana Latrease?
This event is:
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Venue Information



Please note that by completing this request, it does not confirm that Sana Latrease will be able to appear at your event.

We humbly ask that her name and image not be used in any advertisement associated with your event until officially confirmed by our office.

We will contact your organization via email with a confirmation or declination within five business days.

Please check the box to confirm that you have read and agree to these terms. 

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