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"She tells the story of her life from an honest and raw place which gripped my heart. " - Corine Tindell

"She has mastered the art of storytelling and will captivate you within the first two minutes!" - Camille Joy


As much as I begged God to remove me from my pain, I realized that sometimes you have to go through darkness to get to the light. It’s how you appreciate his Glory in your story”…. A product of the foster care system, a survivor of physical and sexual abuse, and a teen mom, Sana Latrease stands boldly in her truth. Though these circumstances tried to render her unworthy of living a successful life, she has been able to emerge as a whole woman, unashamed of where she’s been and boldly sharing her story of healing and wholeness. Sana has been called the Harriet Tubman of her generation because she has accepted the call to lead women of all generations, out of bondage, to freedom in Christ Jesus.


Everyone will know it was God takes you on a journey through Sana’s life. As her story unravels you are bound to find similarities that resonate with your own truth. By the grace of God she has been able to impact hundreds of women all over the country by sharing her personal journey of denouncing shame and becoming her true healed and whole self.

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