Launched in 2018, “Queens Court” is a gathering that was created by Sana Latrease to shift the mindset and culture of sisterhood in female relationships.


The mission of Queens Court is to provide a positive, safe, authentic, empowering atmosphere where female entrepreneurs and ministry servants can connect with each other while also receiving physical and spiritual nourishment and help each other move forward toward their goals and dreams.


This is a free event, by invite only. The women who attend are asked to donate an item

or monetary gift to one of the initiatives that Unashamed, Inc sponsors each year.


From the Heart of our founder…..

Sisterhood exists, and it is truly powerful.


It's the strength of a united force. One that's immediate with the women you surround yourself with, and one that’s universal with your sisters from around the world.


Sisterhood creates a space of nourishment and love, a place to celebrate your everyday joys and triumphs, and one to hold one another when joy seems far away.


Sisterhood is where you are supported when you are at your most vulnerable. It's a space to listen, and to be heard for both the laughter, and where you ask for help.


Sisterhood is surrounding yourself with women whose energy ignites your spirit, a space to grow and flourish.


It is listening without judgement, without needing to give advice. It is allowing women to be beautifully real, and fearlessly be themselves.


Sisterhood exists, and it is truly powerful.


It’s a force that when it’s awakened, it has the power to heal both one another, and the world around us.