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No More Apologies

Last week I received a call from one of my good friends. She was making a decision that could be life changing for her and unfortunately, was allowing fear to stop her dead in her tracks. Her intention in calling me was to let me know that she had decided to not move forward with the choice that she had previously stated she would choose.

Now here is what you need to understand about me. I am extremely straight forward and sometimes what I say can be hard to swallow. I normally don't filter my thoughts or feelings, especially when I am speaking with someone within my family or inner circle. I am also a liberator. Which means that my purpose is to help set people free from captivity or bondage.

It has taken me years to acknowledge and say that out loud. I have always known that God uses my mouth to say things that are normally uncomfortable for others to say or hear, but what I say is necessary. Needless to say, I have shied away from that assignment because most people just cant't handle that level of truth.

Welp, when my friend called, I released what Holy Spirit had me to say, and it was HARD. It was hard for her to hear and harder for me to say. My friend's response to me was, "You were not helpful at all. You made it worse for me." Now normally, I would have attempted to soften the blow and make her feel better, but this time I didn't. My response was, "That's okay. You can take all the time you need and if you don't feel like speaking to me for the rest of the day, that's fine too."

Do you see what I did there, or rather what I didn't do?

I didn't apologize for what I knew Holy Spirit was saying. I stood firm on my words and I didn't budge. I was confident in what needed to be said and offered no apologies.

Friends, can I encourage you to be secure in who God created you to be, say and do? You have delivered more than enough undeserved apologies because you were timid in your own skin. We are not playing small anymore. Be honest, be bold, be unashamed, be you.

With Bold Love,


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