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I Chose to Trust God

The last seven months has been extremely tough for my family and I. On June 22, 2021, my 18 year old son was involved in a tragic car accident. His best friend didn’t survive the accident and my son who was in the backseat just barely survived. He was in the ICU for 43 days and endured 13 surgeries within a month. I spent day after day by his bedside, praying that God would heal his body while making medical decisions that would forever change his life. There were so many days that I left that hospital unsure of what the outcome would be, but refusing to believe that it would be anything but what God intended for our lives.

I made a decision that I would trust God many years ago, and even though my only son was laying in a hospital bed fighting for his life, I still chose to trust God.

Often times it is easy to trust God with our mouths, but when it comes to putting what comes out of our mouths into action, we fall back. We aren’t as confident in the God we say we trust when we are being put to the test through various tests and trials. Everytime I looked at my son, I knew that it was only going to be my faith in God that would heal his body, and keep me in my right mind. So I placed my faith in him and him alone. While I was grateful for the surgeons and doctors and nurses that tended to my son, I was also very much aware that even they were created by God. It was him who had prepared them for the 43 days that he laid in that bed. So I made sure that I diligently prayed for their wisdom as they created the plans for his care. It was very on though that I had to choose that no matter what report they gave me, the only one I would believe was the one that came from the Master surgeon, the one who created my precious baby boy. Thankfully God healed my son, healed him so well that looking at him you would never know that he had punctured his longs, shattered his pelvis, ruptured his spleen, had kidney and liver lacerations, had to have some of his intestines removed, a tracheostomy , a traumatic brain injury, pneumonia multiple times, and contracted covid. Infact, when Jamir finally woke up after 4o days of being in a coma, he didn’t remember a thing.

Jamir came home on August 13, 2021 after spending 18 days in a rehab facility to learn to walk again. I thought that our life would begin to go back to normal, but I realized very quickly that our “normal” no longer existed. June 22, 2021 changed our lives completely and we would never be the same. Over the last 6 months God has completely shaken and disrupted our lives. It has been by far the hardest season of my life and believe me, I have had some hard seasons, but none of them have compared to this one. Through this blog, I will share what God has spoken to me. I will share some of the lessons I have had to learn and allow you to see how my perspective of life had to change in order for me to survive not only this season, but the season to come. I pray that through a glimpse into my life you will be able to adjust the perspective you have on your own life and the difficult seasons that have been assigned to you in hopes that we grow into the person that God created us to be…purposely.



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