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Hey Friends!

Welcome to my blog...

I’m Sana Latrease. My friends affectionately call me the Storyteller.

Here, you’ll find all things faith, family, and lots of real, raw, truth. I love sharing stories about my life and all that I have endured. I find that sharing what I have overcome can help others overcome it as well.

I’m a former foster kid, adoptee, believer, wife, mama, author, speaker, and non-profit founder. My husband, Josh and I have been married for 15 years and have two amazing children, Jamir who is 19 years old and from a previous relationship and Janai, our 13-year-old daughter. Did I mention my husband is a preacher and pastors’ kid?

Life has thrown me quite a few curve balls throughout the years and to be honest I probably should not be alive, never mind still standing. I’m on a mission to live life boldly, authentically, and unashamed, while inspiring you to do the same. God has been so incredibly gracious to our family and this year alone; we have experienced some mind-blowing miracles. We have so many reasons to tell of his goodness.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I am committed to bringing forth insight through my words, in a safe, authentic, and empowering atmosphere. We’ll talk, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry, but most importantly we’ll heal…together. Make sure to sign up for my email subscriber list below to get alerts on new blog posts, awesome giveaways and more!

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Welcome to the Blog

Hi, I'm Sana Latrese.  I welcome you to my blog where me goal is to help you own your truth, shift your perspective, and live unashamed and free.

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