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No Stress, No Strain, No Struggle

I started my first day of Spring semester this past Friday. I am super excited about my classes, which are, counseling and psychology. I soon realize as I am sitting there that my counseling course is another accelerated course, 7 weeks instead of 15. I chuckle to myself because the Lord has been speaking the word expedited to me since 2022. What I think will take years for me to accomplish will actually be expedited.

I digress because that will preach for some of us…

So I’m sitting in my counseling class (which of course I am again the oldest person in the class besides the professor) and my professor begins going through the syllabus. She finally gets to our three major assignments and here is where I saw the Lord, my daddy, blow me a kiss.

One of our major assignments is to create a Geogram. Now, as a foster kid/adoptee, one of your worst nightmares growing up is when the teacher says that your history project is to create a family tree. We literally go into a panic attack.

  • What family to be use?

  • I don’t know who my mom/dad is

  • I don’t really fit on the tree

  • They are going to know I don’t look like anyone

So many thoughts and questions run through our minds, but we submit a project anyways, and feel like a fraud when we have to present it to the class.

For the first time every, when I heard this assignment I sat in my seat and felt like I belonged in the room. My heart filled with gratitude to my daddy (God) because this time I know who my biological family is on both sides. This is significant to this project because it’s not just a family tree, it’s a genogram. A genogram is a diagram illustrating a person's family members, how they are related, and their medical history. The genogram allows you to see hereditary patterns of behavior and medical and psychological factors that run through your family. To complete a project of this magnitude, you need to know who you come from biologically.

That kiss landed right on the center of my forehead.

Here is my gift to you…

There are things you don’t have, places you haven’t been, people you haven’t encountered, jobs you haven’t received, or like me, degrees you haven’t achieved, because it simply wasn’t time. Even in the life of Jesus, he had to wait until it was his time.

Example: When his mother, Mary, tells him that they have run out of wine at the wedding, his initial response was: “Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me? My hour has not yet come.” - John‬ ‭2‬:‭4‬. Now he eventually did appease her request but that’s a different conversation.

The point is this, our daddy loves us so much that he will not prematurely give you an assignment that you don’t have the resources or abilities to achieve. Trust me. You may THINK you don’t have what you need because you don’t SEE what you need in front of you, but if he brings you TO it, he will bring you THROUGH it.

This season of my life is No Stress, No Strain, No Struggle…Love on and Surprise your daughter God!


Sana Latrease



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